Do you know the use of paint mesh?


When it comes to the paint resistance net has to mention the spraying industry, spraying is generally sprayed on the surface of metal or plastic products, anti-rust layer, beautification layer and functional layer, we can also be understood as painting or spraying paint, also known as the surface technology processing process before spraying.

The role of the paint screen is to filter out the paint powder emanating from the air to avoid the surface of the product with bad particles.

The specifications of the paint screen into a roll, the main catch from the paint system of excessive paint, avoid paint stains on the equipment, to prevent paint surface damage and protect the external environment paint screen is composed of high strength continuous monofilaments glass fiber, increasing structure, high capture rate, paint mist isolation effect is good; Good compression performance, can keep its appearance unchanged, the filter fiber is conducive to the storage of paint fog dust; The filter material is green and white, and the green side is the windward side of the air; Elastic, low pressure loss, excellent trapping effect filter for paint mist, flame retardant conforms to DIN4102 F1, strong temperature resistance, can reach 100% relative temperature resistance: high temperature resistance up to 170°C.

There are 3 kinds of methods of paint resistant mesh: it can be sliced, rolled, and made into a filter with an outer frame. The first two are the standard practice, the latter is the combination of aluminum alloy, galvanized frame molding, because the paint screen is relatively soft considering the stability of the need to be fixed in the filter with mesh on both sides, this approach is conducive to dust in the fan input filtration, fiber cotton is not easy to blow off, but also convenient to replace the new filter cotton.

Post time: Aug-01-2022