How often is the high-efficiency filter used with FFU replaced?
At present, high-efficiency filters have been widely used in optical electronics, LCD liquid crystal manufacturing, biomedicine, precision instruments, 
beverages and food, PCB printing and other industries at the air-conditioning end of the dust-free purification workshop. 
With the continuous research and development of manufacturers, continuous progress is believed that more air filters will appear in our lives in the future.
So many companies are equipped with FFU filter units. As a new type of purification equipment, FFU occupies an important position in the purification field, 
and is particularly suitable for assembly or ultra-clean production lines. 
In a clean clean room, whether it is a high-efficiency air filter installed at the end of the purification air conditioning unit or a high-efficiency air filter installed at the high-efficiency air outlet,
 these must have accurate running time records and cleanliness and air volume as replacements in accordance with. 
The user must replace it regularly and record the replacement time to ensure that the air sent is clean. But do you know how often the high-efficiency filter in the FFU package is replaced?

The high-efficiency filter in the FFU package is generally replaced every 6-12 months under normal conditions. The replacement of the filter has the following requirements: 
1. The filter needs to be checked when unpacking, transporting and installing the FFU:
 whether the technical performance of the filter meets the standard, whether there is a product certificate, 
ensure that the filter paper is intact, and it is forbidden to touch the filter paper with your hands. If the filter paper is damaged , You can no longer use it.
 2. To replace the filter, lift the FFU box, then take out the filter that needs to be replaced, and replace it with a new one.
 After the replacement, make sure that the frame is sealed. 
3. The cleanliness of the FFU should be tested once after 1-2 months of use. If the tested cleanliness does not meet the requirements,
 the reason should be checked and the filter should be replaced as soon as possible to reduce loss.

Post time: Aug-03-2020