How to correctly choose the primary effect plate air filter?


How to correctly choose the primary effect plate air filter? With the increasingly serious air pollution, the use of air filtration equipment is becoming more and more common. Under the condition of increasing market demand, the production industry of gas purification equipment develops rapidly, and various types of air filtration equipment emerge in endlessly. The primary effect plate filter is one of them. This kind of filter equipment is usually used in the front of the air filter system. Although its filtering accuracy is not very high, it can effectively filter the large particles of dust in the air, so as to reduce the work burden of the back-end filter equipment and prolong their service life. Now I will analyze with you how to choose the primary effect plate air filter ?

What are the filtering requirements first?

If the air cleanliness requirement is not very high, you can directly use the primary effect plate filter for filtering; If you need medium purification, the initial effect plate filter can be used with some medium effect filters; If the air quality requirements are high, you can use three-stage filtration purification, that is, the combination of initial effect plate filter and medium effect filter, high efficiency filter; However, this filter can reasonably match the efficiency of all filters. If the efficiency of adjacent filters is too different, then the front-end filter will not be protective.

The second is the measurement of outdoor air dust content and dust gas characteristics:

The function of the primary effect plate air filter is to purify and filter the dust particles in the outdoor air. Therefore, when choosing, we should understand the dust content of outdoor air and the nature of dust gas. In the multi-stage filtration system, the dust content plays a decisive role in the selection of pre-filtration equipment. The properties of dusty gas mainly include temperature, humidity, acid and alkali, and the number of organic solvents, etc. If the gas has acid and alkali, the initial effect plate air filter is required to have a certain corrosion resistance.

Finally, the brand choice of air filter:

At present, China’s air purification equipment industry is developing rapidly, and there are more and more enterprises producing primary effect plate air filters. However, due to the limited technical level of some enterprises, the quality and performance of the output of products is difficult to be guaranteed; Consumer should polish eye in choosing process, avoid be deceived. To compare, the price of the product is not the important factor that decides filter of choose and buy, the main factor is the quality of the product. If you need to use it for a long time, it is best to combine it with clear what your needs are. The plan that suits you is the best choice.


Post time: May-12-2022