• The advantages of medium efficiency filter

  • 袋式过滤器
  • What benefits medium efficiency  filters bring to us?  At present, many people pay more and more attention to health, but now the environment is more and more damaged by its air pollution.  We live in polluted air environment every day, many people want to improve our air quality, medium  efficiency filter is a good choice.  But do you know what a medium  efficiency filter can do for us?  
  • Medium efficiency  filter can improve the air quality in our life and contribute to our health.  Install correctly when using.  Of course, don’t overlook formal purchases.  In addition, the regular replacement of filters with – effect filters, filters affect the effect of effective filters, but also affect air quality.  Generally speaking, it’s better to change it every six months.  Specifically, according to the use frequency of the product and specific amount of money to decide, to be replaced according to the requirements. 
  • Medium  efficiency filter accuracy of air filter according to the required indoor cleanliness and purification standards to determine the efficiency of an air filter, and a reasonable choice of air filter combination and the efficiency of each level. If the room requires general cleaning, use a primary filter. If the room requires moderate purification, use a two-stage filter, a primary filter and an intermediate filter. If indoor ultra-clean purification is needed, primary, intermediate and advanced purification filters should be used, and the efficiency of filters at all levels should be reasonable and properly matched.If the efficiency difference between two adjacent filters is too large, the former filter will not be able to protect the latter filter. 
  • The amount of dust in the outdoor air is important because filters clean the air and send it indoors. Especially in the process of multi-stage purification and filtration, the use environment, spare parts cost, operation energy consumption, maintenance and supply should be considered when selecting the pre-filter.


Post time: May-05-2022