With the development of my country’s industry, the discharge of waste gas and wastewater has caused serious environmental pollution, and many pollutants cannot be treated, so that it greatly affects people’s lives.

However, technology is also constantly innovating and developing, and various filtering equipment are constantly being updated, which greatly improves people’s lives. The following is the HEPA filter.
HEPA filters are widely used in optical and electronic equipment, liquid crystal manufacturing, biopharmaceuticals, precision instruments and other industries and fields. It has a variety of specifications that can be used, so that our environmental purification rate can reach a better level.

Generally speaking, HEPA filters can be divided into these styles: antibacterial without partitions, sub-efficient and ultra-efficient. Different specifications of filters are used in different places, and there will be some differences in filtration efficiency.

However, we must pay attention to the protection of filters to extend their service life. So do you know what happens to the HEPA filter after washing?
In an air purifier, the resistance and air volume are no longer in a linear relationship, but an upward arc.

When the air volume increases by 30%, the resistance may increase by 50%. The HEPA filter can capture any form of particulate matter, including liquid droplets.

Therefore, if you wash directly with water, the resistance will reach several times the ventilation. The result is that while the dust particles are washed away, the gap of the HEPA filter will become larger, which directly causes the diameter of the filter to become larger, which seriously affects the filtering effect.

In addition, most air purifiers currently use paper-like filters, which will be severely deformed after washing with water, lose precision, and have poor filtering effects.
Based on the above understanding, we recommend that you replace it directly, or you can change the pre-filter more frequently, which will indirectly extend the service life of the post-filter. Remember to choose the air filter brand manufacturer to buy.

Post time: Aug-30-2020