What are the methods and technical points of high efficiency filter replacement in hospital purification operating room purification system?


In order not to affect the normal development of clinical surgery, in order to ensure that the HEPA filter replacement and testing can meet the qualified standards at one time.  A standard procedure for HEPA filter replacement in the operating room purification system must be established:

  • (1) Communicate with the chief nurse in the operating room 3 months in advance to determine the replacement time and inform the maintenance company to stock the goods.
  • (2) Report the application for replacing HEPA filter and testing fee to the leader of the competent authority at the time node.
  • (3) Convene the department of surgery, anesthesiology and hospital two weeks in advance, with the cooperation of all relevant departments, to determine the time node of replacing theHEPA filter and the work items to be completed.
  • (4) The replacement work begins.
  • (5) After replacement, debug and self-check.
  • (6) CDC testing.
  • (7) Inform the hospital and the surgery department of the test results.
  • (8) If there is an unqualified operating room, the maintenance unit should be immediately arranged to find out the cause and review the treatment. The cleaning department should clean it again and ask the inspection department to test it again until it passes the test.
  • (9) After receiving the qualified test report, the replacement and test work is perfect.

Replacement of hePA filter in operating room purification system:

One week before replacing the HEPA filter of the purification system in the operating room, communicate with all relevant departments again to confirm the replacement time. Before replacing the HEPA filter, confirm the operation situation, the implementation of installation and cleaning personnel, and the preparation of materials (alcohol, rags, isolation clothes, etc.). Arrange maintenance personnel to clean the fresh air unit and the surface cooler of the circulating unit of the hand-operating room purification system (add 84 disinfectant for disinfection if necessary), clean the inside of the machine and clean the fresh air outlet. Precautions for replacing hePA filter in operating room purification system are as follows:

  • (1) Before the replacement, the maintenance company shall move the new HEPA filter to the vicinity of the operating room. After the operation is suspended in the operating room, the staff of the equipment and Materials Department shall clear the operating room and move all the items that can be moved out of the channel. The Anesthesiology Department shall be responsible for clearing out the anesthesia equipment.
  • (2) the installation personnel to remove the air supply orifice and old HEPA filter (11) filters removed out right after the operating room, and the high efficiency air supply outlet and static pressure box with a damp cloth to clean dust-free, thorough cleaning disinfection with alcohol solution, and at the same time to remove the air supply orifice plate inside and outside with wet dishcloth cleanness, first with alcohol solution to wipe disinfection.
  • (3) When installing a new HEPA filter, pay attention to check whether the HEPA filter is damaged and whether the sealing strip is in good condition. Tighten the bolts diagonally during installation to ensure that the sealing strip is compacted without air leakage.
  • (4) Maintenance personnel replace the primary effect air filters of the air intake and exhaust vents in the operating room, clean and disinfect the inside and outside of the air outlet, and replace the primary effect and medium effect air filters of the purification unit.
  • (5) Maintenance personnel need to overhaul the operating room and replace the damaged lamp tubes at the same time.
  • (6) Cleaning personnel clean with wet cloth first, and then use alcohol solution for comprehensive disinfection; Cleaning sequence: roof, surrounding wall panels, hanging tower, shadowless lamp and ground (all stools needed for testing are cleaned and disinfected); anesthesiology department personnel disinfect related anesthesia equipment that cannot be removed (cleaning personnel should thoroughly disinfect the operating room).
  • (7) After the replacement of hePA filter, cleaning personnel should complete cleaning work synchronously until the replacement work is completed.

If the HEPA filter in the operating room purification system needs to be replaced at one time, the operating room has a large number of operating rooms and time is tight, the installation and cleaning personnel can be divided into multiple groups for synchronous operation. After cleaning, the operating room will open the corresponding purification unit for air supply, and irrelevant personnel are strictly prohibited to enter.

Post time: May-13-2022