The bag-type primary filter is often used in central air conditioning and centralized ventilation systems. The bag-type filter uses superfine synthetic fiber as the filter material, and the filtered air has the characteristics of high precision and large amount of dust adsorption.

In order to meet the requirements of repeated use, the purpose of adding additives to the polyester non-woven fabric is to prevent damage to the filter material during the cleaning process.
Why is the performance of the bag filter superior? Because there are electrostatic fibers in the filter material, the dust-catching ability is good, and it is easy to achieve the expected effect of the dust load.

The initial resistance is small and the energy loss is also low. And the aluminum frame folding primary filter products in our company mainly include JAF-005, JAF-006, JAF-007, JAF-008, the main sizes are 595*595*46mm, 295*595*46mm, 595*595*96mm, 295*595*96mm, so the regular size can meet your needs,

if the regular size is not what you want, our company can also customize the size.
The significance of installing primary filters is to meet the requirements of sanitary standards in buildings, which are common requirements in both industrial and civil public buildings. Generally, air filters are used in ventilation and air conditioning systems for indoor cleanliness and comfort,

as well as for workshops. Exhaust heat, smoke and other harmful gases are removed in time for ventilation, etc., especially for the air environment that requires cleanliness, and it is inseparable from the relationship with the air filter. Especially in order to meet special requirements such as clean rooms and sterile rooms,

this needs more and more areas, requiring high cleanliness, and multi-level clean rooms except for precision machinery, high-purity materials, sterile rooms, and biological products rooms.

Post time: Aug-30-2020