Why are filters used in animal husbandry ?

We all attach great importance to ensure the healthy breeding of chickens, ducks and pigs and the supply of sanitary meat to the market. In particular, infectious diseases caused by various viruses will cause the death of a large number of pigs, and there will also be unsafe pork.

Air filtration systems are now being used almost exclusively in boar stations and, increasingly, sow farms to prevent the introduction of airborne diseases such as blue-ear disease.  Although the design of the air-filtered piggery is still under development, it works well using existing design systems.

Air filtration piggery is equipped with metal mesh on the air inlet to filter the leaves in the air, mosquitoes and so on to extend the service life of the air filter, ceiling ceiling and wet curtain air inlet is equipped with junior high efficiency air filter net, air through the filter into the piggery, in filtering out dust, impurities at the same time the virus also blocked.  Double doors are installed at all entrances to the barn to reduce the risk of disease passing through the air through negative pressure ventilation, and air backflow prevention devices are installed outside the exhaust fans.

Feeding personnel shall strictly sterilize and shower when entering the piggery.  Epidemic prevention type dense fold type air filter not only filter out biological aerosol, but also filter out pathogenic microorganisms, greatly reducing the spread of disease – disease.

Air filter features: 1, moisture resistance, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance can adapt to the normal filtration under various environments;  2. Composite chemical fiber material, filtration efficiency can meet the requirements of filtering pig disease common disease – virus;  At the beginning of 3The high efficiency filter with – effect protection filter efficiency is higher;  4, the design of the filter is low resistance and high efficiency without baffle air filter;  5, reasonable arrangement, installation party  then.

A large number of experimental results show that the filter with medium effect or above has obvious effect on blue ear disease and panting disease virus.  A pig farm in Minnesota has been free of blue-ear disease for more than three years after its air filtration system was modified.  Of course, the installation of the air filtration system greatly increases the construction cost of the piggery, and the filter has to be replaced over a period of time. At the same time, the static pressure in the barn increases more than that of the wet curtain, and the corresponding exhaust air volume needs to be increased  .

In order to make the livestock business do better, first of all to ensure the safety of the environment, ventilation system to do a good job, in order to let these livestock healthy growth, in order to gain.

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Post time: May-09-2022