High temperature resistance air filter

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1.The liquid tank sealant is blue in color and jelly-like, so it is also known as jelly gel. The liquid tank sealant is a non-Newtonian liquid. The glue has the characteristics of non-volatile, no oil climbing, non-toxic and tasteless, and has good stability at normal temperature.
2.The liquid tank sealing high-efficiency filter is an ideal end filter for industrial clean room and biological clean room, and is also an ideal matching filter for other purification equipment.
3.The liquid tank seal is a method superior to the mechanical compression device commonly used in China. The liquid tank sealing filter is easy to install and the sealing is very reliable. It is a high-efficiency filter sealing method commonly used in the world.
4.Advantages: high sealing, good leakage compensation

Filtration efficiency

Outer frame: aluminum frame
Guard net: double sided
Gasket: double-sided
Efficiency: @ 0.3 99.99%
Initial resistance: 105Pa@0.45m/s
Air volume: 1000CMH
Maximum temperature: 80 degrees
Maximum humidity: 100% RH (non-condensing state)
Filter material: ultra-fine glass fiber
Tested one by one before leaving the factory, the test is qualified before leaving the factory
Reliable quality and stable performance
Other sizes can be customized


Widely used in high-purity clean rooms, large-area vertical laminar flow, 100-level laminar flow hood, biological safety cabinet, biotechnology, laboratory, sterile room, pharmaceutical factory, research institute, etc.

Specific datas:

Activated carbon plate filter

Product No.


Rated air volume

Rated air flow

Initial resistance

Recommended final resistance

JAF-055 570*570*94


500m³/h ≤220Pa






JAF-056 870*570*94



JAF-057 1170*570*94



Special size and specifications can be made according to customer requirements

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